One Hope For Haiti - To educate and equip the children of Haiti with higher learning and technical skills

Providing Resiliency Recovery.

Hurricane Matthew - the most brutal Caribbean storm in a decade - devastated Haiti.  We know that when disaster strikes, children are the most vulnerable.  Our organization is committed to providing a better quality of life for them and their families.

1hope4haiti will be providing assistance in helping the families regain their livelihood in various projects.

* Livestock replenishing
* Gardening equipment and supplies
* Rebuilding materials
* Solar panels and batteries

As always all funds directed to a project goes to the families of the 700 children of our school in Bon Repo, Haiti. Our organization is committed to providing support to our students and their families as they recover from the devastation.
   Providing the best quality of life entails a lot more than what we are asking for to support them.
You can also make donation on our Network for Good site:

Hurricane Matthew Recovery