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About 1Hope4Haiti

Turning Interest into Action

In the 1980s we had the great privilege of meeting Hubert Ulysse, a man from Jean-Rabel, Haiti, who acquired his education in Port-au-Prince. When we met Hubert, he was stationed in the U.S. Navy in Chicago. It was there he began to formulate and direct the vision of helping the children of Haiti. Hubert was later transferred to a duty station in Norfolk, Virginia. After his discharge from the Navy, Hubert moved to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, with his wife and daughter to begin working in the large Haitian community there. A group of sponsors and dedicated individuals have come together to form this non-profit organization with the intend on expanding and exploring all options in support of this cause.


Our main goal is to provide a good quality education and skills which will enhance the quality of life for these children and their future. We understand that the essence of life is the value one has, and with value, anyone can achieve a better and happy life.


There are many needs in Haiti. Among the greatest of these is adequate educational opportunities for the children. Therefore, in 2002, the congregation in Bo Repot began a K-7 school. Subsequently, One Hope for Haiti created and began a sponsorship program to allow individuals and businesses to sponsor children to attend the school, since many children cannot afford school without sponsorship. The school presently has an enrollment of over 600 children.



The earthquake that ravaged the island nation of Haiti on January 12, 2010, has also challenged the school for the 2010-2011 scholastic year.

There is an urgent need to rebuild.

This rebuilding project is an attempt to keep the doors open every year. Otherwise, the school's existence may be at stake.


For more than 10 years, this institution has given the opportunity to hundreds of some of the most unfortunate Haitian children to attend school.



The current objective of our school is to help rebuild hope for the children with dignity, love and respect. Everything that the school has been able to accomplish is due primarily to the faithful sponsors who make payroll a reality, and the humble building, which the school owns.


The challenge now is the repair, to accommodate the 600 plus students that are patiently waiting. The repair will be part of the "immediate needs" in the reconstruction project that will greatly improve the learning environment of our students. The Earthquake has placed the school's vision for our children in jeopardy. With your continuous passion to help our children, we can raise the funds required to rebuild a new Hope for Haiti.



There is no better time than now to help these enthusiastic children during their academic endeavor.


Our Mission

1Hope4Haiti is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the education of the children of Haiti by connecting benevolent sponsors to Haiti underprivileged children.


Although public education is provided in Haiti, the public education system cannot support the demand of the children. Therefore, most children never surpass the 6th grade. This has led to a high demand for private education. However, private education is a luxury few Haitian families can afford.


Recognizing this dilemma, 1Hope4Haiti operates a K-10 school in Bon Repos, Haiti, consisting of over 600 students and more than 20 staff and teachers. Each year, the students are tested against government educational standards and are advanced accordingly.


Since opening the school, named Institution Mixte Compagnon Chretien (I.M.C.C.), the influx of students has consistently exceeded the capacity of the facility and staff. Nonetheless, the school continues to receive every student it is able to seat because the only alternative is to deny these eager minds their hope for a better future.


As a result, there is always a dire need to improve and expand the facilities and services of the school. Since the earthquake of 2010, the school, like most of Haiti, suffered a major setback. The reconstruction efforts have been slow and arduous; nonetheless, the classrooms and office are operational again. The debris has been removed, the walls have been rebuilt, all of the U.S. Aid tarps have been retired, and the school has even added new bathrooms for both the girls and the boys.


As the community emerged from the devastation and to a sense of normalcy, the school began to swell with students once again. And, as before, the number of paid students paled to the who could not pay.


Without the help of our generous sponsors, the school could not to educate these children. It is our sponsors, private and corporate, who are the backbone of 1Hope4Haiti. They are the and fathers, the goodwill ambassadors, the beacons of hope for the children of Haiti.

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