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We have started to build the Kindergarten school, estimate at $80,000. Come and help us grow.


1hope4haiti Brick club Program


Every foundation of a building starts with a brick no matter how big or how small the building is, and to bring a building to completion it takes not just one brick but many bricks. 1hope4haiti is excited about launching our new campaign called the “brick club program” which is a unique and easy way of helping to support the education of a child. This unique opportunity of involvement can be accomplished in 3 levels, giving the participate a financial involvement at the level they choose and at the same time securing an education and opportunity for a child to succeed In life, thank you in advanced for your heart of compassion to help children that without your generosity would be forgotten and left behind.

Brick Club Levels

 Bronze Level

In the bronze level the participate commits to buying:

 12 bricks/$120.00

 Commitment to purchase 12 bricks within 1 calendar year

 Participate will receive a brick club bronze star certificate

Silver Level

 24 bricks/$240.00

 Commitment to purchase 24 bricks within 1 calendar year

 Participate will receive a Silver star certificate and a letter of Appreciation

 A letter of volunteer from 1hope4haiti organization

Gold Level   

 36 bricks/$360.00

 Commitment to purchase 36 bricks within 1 calendar year

 Participate will receive God star certificate, letter of appreciation, volunteer letter

 Name engraved on the wall with the list of sponsors

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