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Why 1Hope4Haiti

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Its poverty combined with political turmoil has left it a country with virtually no hope. Its people survive largely due to foreign aid of caring organizations and individuals that provide financial aid, resources, medical care, and vocational skills. The greatest hope for Haiti’s future lies in its youth, but tuition fees, books, and school materials are luxuries few can afford.



1Hope4Haiti now operates a school to serve its community. Its enrollment continues to grow as children learn of the opportunity to receive an education, but many children still cannot afford to pay for their schooling.


1Hope4Haiti is program that matches caring sponsors with needy children. One Hope for Haiti ensures that each cent sponsored is applied entirely to the betterment of the child being sponsored and his or her community.

If you would like to sponsor a child through your tax-deductible contribution, your sponsorship will provide a child with a supportive environment, positive mentorship, and the resources necessary for a sound education, including tuition, materials, books, and uniforms.




Once you begin to sponsor a child, you may continue to sponsor that same child each year that he or she is attending the school.



A single donation of $300 will sponsor a child for an entire school year. Also, you may sponsor a child with a monthly donation of only $25 a month.



Only child sponsors receive photographs, correspondence, biography page and regular updates.


Corporate Sponsorship Options

If your business would like to support this program through your tax-deductible contribution, 1Hope4Haiti will ensure that your funding will be used entirely for program operation, development, and special need of the school and its students.


Our Priority Needs List Includes:

        . $80.000 to Build a new kindergarten school

  • $5000 for the completion of the courtyard/playground

  • $220 for a new filing cabinet

  • Construction Materials

  • School Supplies

  • Office Equipment

  • Career Training Manual and Equipment

  • Musical and Medical training devices

Also if you would like to volunteer your time for training our students

to be self-reliant with a skill, please contact us at

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