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Our Impact


To educate and equip the children of Haiti with higher learning

John Hoffman, Sponsor

1Hope4Haiti to me is about helping those in need and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have been blessed to hear about what God is doing through 1Hope4Haiti and various other Christian outreaches in that region. I appreciate those who labor to make our Haiti mission a reality.

Rosalind and Bill Griffith, Sponsor

We are both in continual prayer for the great work which is taken place in Haiti, and for the labor of love, to help a less fortunate child get a better start in life; gain an education and to have a belief in a compassionate and loving God. Thank you and God bless you.

Johnathan Santiago, Sponsor

Psalms 82:3

Defend the poor and fatherless: do justice to the afflicted and needy.

One cannot separate the above commission from any part of Christian ministry. Jesus most certainly did not. There are many ways we can carry this commission out, One Hope for Haiti is just one of them.

Ignatius and Kathy Marlborough, Sponsor

In 2012, my wife and I were able to make the trip to Haiti with the rest of the team. I must say that is was really a eye opening for us. We saw just how bad it was, and how much was being done to make thing better, but there are still a great need for help, whether thru donation or sponsorship. I was very amazed how happy the children were about attending school and to know that I am making a different in those kids life. I hope and pray that we will have more sponsors, or help in any way possible to support the school.

   I will be looking forward to my next visit, and to see how much have been done. I understand we are helping to build the future leaders of Haiti and that will some day lead the county out of poverty.

Connie Chavez, Donor

My name is Connie Chavez, and I've been with 1Hope4Haiti for 3 years. I got involved with the organizations during one of the awareness promotions. I have always wanted to give back to the world, and this was a perfect opportunity for me to give. 1Hope4Haiti gives 100% to the school which was founded by Pastor Ulysse. 

We help support close to 300 children from grades Kinder gardens to 8th grade, and we also support the staff that runs our school. Our school was one of the buildings that was destroyed during the 2010 earth quake. That disaster took us back years in building the school. We now find ourselves rebuilding the school from scratch again. We have come a long ways, but still have more to do, and plenty of children to support. For the past 2 years I have gone to visit the progress of our rebuilding, and it has been a great joy each time I've been there, the children are very loving, and accepting of our presence. In our visits to Haiti, we look at the progress of our rebuilding, we assess what's needed, and prioritize our next project. We also bring donated school supplies to the school, meet with staff, and best of all, we get involved with the kids by interacting with them in classes and during recess. 1Hope4Haiti has changed many lives in Haiti, and it's been a blessing being part of this organization.


Sponsor a Child


We have started to build the Kindergarten school, estimate at $80,000 Come and help us grow.

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